Thursday, December 10, 2009

Travel Insurance is a Great Reassurance

10 December 2009

The regional sales manager for Travel Guard Travel Insurance visited our office yesterday. He reinforced in our minds why the addition of travel insurance should be a “no brainer” when travelling on long trips or in foreign destinations.

Numerous times we’ve seen “unforeseen events” cause a vacation to be cancelled, or curtailed. The peace of mind afforded by an inexpensive travel insurance policy is priceless—when it’s needed! And, if the policy is not used, it at least prevented sleepless night worrying about missing a ship, or getting sick while travelling abroad.

Whether it’s a luxury cruise, a getaway to a wonderful island beach, or any other major travel adventure, we always insist on adding travel insurance. And, now Travel Guard and Access America have amazing concierge services around the world which can be used at no charge to get assistance 24/7 in English. Next time you see a medical emergency in a faraway land, think how you might respond if it happened to you. Good travel insurance is always the best bet.

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