Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holidays Time to Recharge

1 December 2009

At today’s Cruise Holidays of Woodinville sales meeting the discussion of the office Christmas Party came into discussion. Apart from setting a date, this is an event which is eagerly anticipated. It’s an occasion when we can celebrate the hard work of a past year with co-workers.

Many of the customers of our business look at their cruise or land vacation as their own time for celebration. Through the celebratory process, personal energy is often recharged. Rest, fun and a little pampering can work miracles in this era of super fast, high stress life styles. We all need a little time for getting our attitudes adjusted by stepping away from the pressures of our day to day existence.

One of the nice things about the Holidays is that most everybody seems to be in good spirits and their attitude is contagious. Whether on a luxury cruise, on an exotic beach or someplace you’ve always wanted to be, it’s almost a certainty you’ll fill up your personal battery reservoir and be ready to smack down whatever challenges might come your way after the holidays end.

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