Thursday, December 3, 2009

Airfares Bewilder Even Travel Professionals

3 December 2009

We had the opportunity to listen in to a webinar this morning about a new international air service program available through Cruise Holidays. Talk about a confusing maze! The airlines change fares an average of 6,000 times a day, how can anyone stay on top of their pricing structure?

A good example was over the recent Thanksgiving holiday. We looked at round trip air from Seattle to Fort Lauderdale to attend the Oasis of the Seas preview. We found that traveling on late Thursday evening on the redeye flight the cost would be $175, but the return on Sunday would be $400—a total price of about $600 with taxes. Usually we can find roundtrip fares on this route at prices below
$350. So, we chose not to pay the super-premium price for the airfare.
We always tell our cruise vacation customers that their air portion of their trip will be the least satisfactory part of their experience--because it always is. Gone are the days of civilized air travel, now we have transportation more like that of the Greyhound Corporation (no affront meant to the hound) than that of refined air travel. Still, air is a great convenience so we all just have to grin and bear and know that the flight will end soon

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