Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trains, Boats and Planes 2K10

2 December 2009

Yesterday we learned about the 2010 plans for the Rocky Mountaineer Private Train. From either Vancouver or Calgary, this super-luxury train is a fantastic way to experience Canada’s Rocky Mountains. It’s even possible to make the trip a trans-continental trip connecting with Canada’s VIA Rail all the way to Toronto or Montreal.

The Rocky Mountaineer people have recaptured the “golden age” of rail travel with white glove service, vista-domes and gourmet dining on wheels. While quite expensive, this is a special kind of product for the real rail fan who enjoys the best of rail travel.

Actually, very little is new with air, except that Cruise Holidays of Woodinville now has access to air prices and options on international air that could find that great price for a trip across any big pond.

And as far as boats are concerned, with the debut of the Oasis of the Seas from Royal Caribbean as the world’s largest cruise ship, and the pending arrival of Norwegian’s Epic, there’s lots of new excitement in cruising.

The year 2010 or 2K10 as it’s called on the Golf Channel looks to be a much improved year for vacation travel of any kind.

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