Thursday, March 18, 2010

Azamara Cruise - Day 9 St. Barths

The entrance into St Barths is one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. This is a French speaking island which is a haven for large yachts and schooners. We arrived to find a Sea Dream Yacht Club vessel anchored and the Seabourn Legend pulling in directly behind us.
It was another hot and humid day. Linda opted to put in a couple of loads of wash in the Journey’s self-service laundry just before breakfast. The ship has a very nice passenger laundry and it was no problems to get clean clothes enough to last the rest of our trip.
A nice thing about St Barths is it has a beach right next to town. With towels in hand we made it to Shell Beach for a dip. It was an OK beach, with nice water, but it offered no shade and we had to stay in the water to cool off. The water was a clear turquoise color and was warm.
Because Gustavia does appeal to an upscale crowd, we found that shopping was no great bargain. Poor quality t-shirts were selling for 20 Euros, or about $25 each, so no one seemed to be doing much buying. The town does have a lot of high end French stores and a nice little supermarket right on the main street, where wine, cheese, bread (and in our case bottled water) could be purchased.
Linda and I came back into town later in the afternoon when things cooled down a little, and we walked along the marina were the mega-yachts were docked. Their names included Dream, Experience III and the Battered Bull, and each of them was definitely in the multi-million dollar class.
The Azamara Journey stayed in port until 10 PM, and so did the Seabourn ship. The beautiful harbor and surroundings made it a great spot to spend a warm Caribbean evening.
We had the second on-deck barbecue. Again, the chef found local fresh fish and we had sword fish, king fish, rock fish as the main attractions. And, again, arrays of special salads were on the menu, with a really tasty mango and shrimp salad as a highlight.
The Reinagals from the Williamsburg Cruise Holidays store joined us for the deck party and we all went to the main show at 10PM to see a pianist named Craig Dahn, who was really excellent. He was kind of like a combination of Liberace, Elton John and Jerry Lee Lewis.
Tomorrow our last port call is a Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.

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